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National Arborists Association
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Why Choose Edward's Tree Service?

Your Source for Exceptional Work

Edward's Land Clearing and Tree Service operates all over the state of Ohio, as well as West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. We have been established since 1964 and pride ourselves on our notable reputation. We carry liability and property damage insurance, and we can list you, the owner, as being additionally insured. Contact us today for more details about how we better serve your tree and land clearing needs.
Land Clearing - Land Clearing in Amherst, OH

A Superior Staff
All of our employees are covered under Ohio workers' compensation, and maintain a safe and drug-free workplace program. Our policy is to insist that all our employees follow these programs. Because of this policy, we have a very low rate of accidents. Furthermore, all employees are certified loggers who wear a hard hat, eye protectors, ear plugs, and chaps whenever operating a chain saw.

Additional Certifications
Our operators must have an active commercial drivers license. We provide first aid and CPR training for all of our employees, which includes annual re-certification. This ensures they will have the knowledge to handle a crisis. The seniority of our employees averages 20 years. We are proud of this fact and strive to provide adequate training and equipment for our employees, so they will be able to render to our customer a job well done and protect both you and us from any issues that could result in legal liability.

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